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Bridgestone 90/90-21 A41 Bias Tubeless Front Adventure Tyre (54V)

Bridgestone 90/90-21 A41 Bias Tubeless Front Adventure Tyre (54V)

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Please Note: As of the 1st March 2024 all tyres sold in New Zealand incur a Tyrewise Tyre Stewardship Fee. This fee will be charged and invoiced as per Tyrewise requirements. For more information on this fee please visit, for more information on how we charge this fee please contact us.

An adventure-type tyre that has evolved in all aspects to offer outstanding straight-line stability and performance in the wet in addition to satisfactory wear life.

The package features triple-layer compound technology on the front and rear with a cap and base configuration that improves cornering stability. Of particular interest for the majority of bikers who ride Adventure machines on the road, Bridgestone tests recorded 8%³ faster lap times for the new Battlax A41 on a wet handling track, demonstrating the extra performances and safety they will get on the road.

While preserving long tyre life, the ADVENTURE A41 achieves the conflicting objectives of performance in the wet stability in the dry and improved handling. In particular, shorter braking distances on wet road surfaces and enhanced cornering grip make for more confident riding, even in rain.

Recommended for:

  • Riders who have adventure motorcycles and enjoy on-road touring.
  • Riders who want high wet performance and long wear life.
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