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Bridgestone 120/80-19 X40 Hard Rear Off-Road Tyre

Bridgestone 120/80-19 X40 Hard Rear Off-Road Tyre

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Please Note: As of the 1st March 2024 all tyres sold in New Zealand incur a Tyrewise Tyre Stewardship Fee. This fee will be charged and invoiced as per Tyrewise requirements. For more information on this fee please visit, for more information on how we charge this fee please contact us.

The X40 uses Castle Block technology so the edge of convex blocks catch track surface and achieve greater traction on hard terrain with sand on track surface.

Features Anti-Degradation Fin (Cooling Fin for Motorcycle) Cooling the tyre side wall achieve constant performance because Motocross tyres are used by low air pressure there is degradation due to heat generation caused by bending side-wall. These cooling fins adopted for “Run Flat Tyre” are modified for Motocross exclusively in order to maintain tyre performance.

the X40 is a hard-pack tire. Bridgestone BattleCross X40 Tires

Engineered to tackle even the hardest terrain with ease and precision. Developed and proven at the highest level of Motocross competition the BattleCross X40’s revolutionary tread pattern lets you explore the pinnacle of off-road performance. When your path takes an unexpected turn the BattleCross X40 delivers with superlative grip and maneuverability when you need it most.

Even the toughest terrain is no match for Bridgestone’s X40 Motocross tire thanks to its optimized profile and tread block construction techniques.

- Designed for medium to hard terrain
- Developed and proven at the highest level of MX competition
- Optimized profile for greater stability when braking and cornering
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