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Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S23 Rear 180/55ZR17 73W

Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S23 Rear 180/55ZR17 73W

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Please Note: As of the 1st March 2024 all tyres sold in New Zealand incur a Tyrewise Tyre Stewardship Fee. This fee will be charged and invoiced as per Tyrewise requirements. For more information on this fee please visit, for more information on how we charge this fee please contact us.

The latest in Bridgestone's BATTLAX line of premium motorcycletires the BATTLAX HYPERSPORT S23 features even more exceptionallevels of dry grip performance when riding on circuits or cornering onmountain roads.

The BATTLAX HYPERSPORT S23 employs a newlydesigned compound in the edge portion of the tread that makes contactwith the road when banking at sharp angles maximizing edge grip whencornering and allowing riders to take their sports riding performanceto the next level.

An updated pattern incorporating the PULSEGROOVE contributes to the tyre’s impressive wet weatherperformance.


Thisnew thread pattern uses a pulse-shaped groove and deflector thatoptimizes water flow. Tests have shown improved water drainage andbetter grip and adhesion in wet conditions as well as 8% mileageincrease

Compound and Construction

  • New compound for front shoulder and rear edge with optimised resincomponents to enhance grip characteristics.
  • Grip improver isa material that improves grip by making it easier to follow the roadsurface.
  • Carbon reinforces the spring-like polymer preventing the polymer from shrinking and consequently losinggrip.

Pattern design

  • Newpattern design including PULSE GROOVE in the rear for better wetperformance
  • Optimised land/sea ratio in the shoulder area andpattern stiffness
    • In the front for DRY handling and stabilityin DRY and WET
    • In the rear for traction improvement

Dry Performance Improvement

  • Increased cornering speed by 5%
  • 1% faster DRY laptime

Wet Performance Improvement

  • Traction improved
  • 3% shorter WET brakingdistance
  • 4% faster WET lap time
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