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Bridgestone 60/100-14 M203 Soft / Medium Front Off-Road Tyre

Bridgestone 60/100-14 M203 Soft / Medium Front Off-Road Tyre

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Please Note: As of the 1st March 2024 all tyres sold in New Zealand incur a Tyrewise Tyre Stewardship Fee. This fee will be charged and invoiced as per Tyrewise requirements. For more information on this fee please visit, for more information on how we charge this fee please contact us.

One of the best upgrades you can make is replacing your OEM fronttyre with a great motocross racing tyre like this M203. This tyre istaller more round with large knobs for a massive improvement infront-end traction and turning. The M203/M204 Combo is a favouriteamong motocross racers.


  • The Bridgestone M203 front tyre features a design technology for abroad range of soft and intermediate terrain applications.
  • The M203 front tyre provides improved grip traction withdirectional pattern rotation to enhance stability and increase brakingpower.
  • Improved grip and traction matched with new available sizingadapts to the demands of today’s four-stroke machines.
  • The Bridgestone M203 front tyre pairs well with the BridgestoneM204 rear tyre.
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